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"I found the Anat Baniel Neuromovement Method to be useful in treating neck pain that is bad enough to bother me 24/7, but not bad enough to risk a surgical procedure. My practitioner, Diane, was extremely attentive to my complaints, and her explanations, demonstrations, and manipulations have taught me what can be done to maintain flexibility and minimize the amount of time spent in pain. I have not yet attended any classes, as all of my treatments have been through individual appointments. I would advise that anyone initiate treatment individually and transition to classes in order to get the most out of this."  –G F Gansar, MD

"I'm happy to report that my back pain is significantly reduced. I was able to recline in the dentist chair with very little discomfort.


I'm very anxious to have the Monday session. It seems almost too good to hope for."

– J.W.

"I don't know what those warm magic fingers of yours did, but you worked your magic!!! My hip and feet were so good. 

THANK YOU, I believe I am generally standing straighter and after last week, I was walking with less pain."

– K.K.

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